Thanks to evolving IP telephony technology

o-WOMEN-WORKERS-facebookThanks to evolving IP telephony technology, it’s now possible for you and other employees to complete in-office tasks anywhere you go.

Total Availability

Even Skype the most VoIP service allow you to access the system regardless of your location. Whether you’re at home or in Europe, the only thing you’ll need is access to an online network.

You could be 4,000 miles away from your seat desk, but as long as you have your laptop, it will be as if you’re in your office chair waiting for an important call. The best part about this? Employees who are in-office can still access the system, allowing all employees to be connected.

Call Forwarding with Legacy Systems

Many businesses don’t feel the need to replace their old landline-based systems with new VoIP technology. While they’re definitely missing out on some services, you’ll usually find that legacy systems under 10 years old are capable of holding their own in the modern business world. This doesn’t mean, however, that VoIP services can’t improve older systems.

The main problem with legacy systems is that once you step out of the office, you’re completely disconnected. Most VoIP providers, though, allow for call forwarding to an IP-based device. This means that any calls coming to a legacy system phone number can be redirected to the employee once the calls have been forwarded. In essence, this turns a stationary telephony system into a mobile one and allows employees to take their work on the road. visit 日本xvideos エックスビデオ.tv.

Collaboration with Screen Sharing

Getting work-related phone calls while away from the office is one thing, but actually collaborating on important projects is quite another. After all, there’s only so much you can do over the phone while reading a spreadsheet. Fortunately, screen sharing capabilities solve this problem, and they’re offered through a variety of VoIP systems.

With screen sharing, you can look at your computer and see the exact same thing a connected coworker is looking at, including any changes you make in real time. This goes far beyond cloud-based document collaboration. Thanks to this integrated technology, it’s like you’re sitting next to your team while working on the same project.

Call Centers without the Center

One of the most successful aspects of VoIP services is the ability to have entire workforces away from an actual workplace. While it’s nice to provide access to those away from the office, businesses that have fully realized the potential of IP-based telephony don’t even need an office.


VoIP services have changed the business world. Thanks to advancements in the field, it’s now possible to take the office wherever you go. You no longer need to stay in town or in the office to complete an important project or participate in a teleconference. Now that a wide variety of tasks can be so easily accomplished outside of the traditional workspace, VoIP is creating a whole new definition of a flexible work space.