Voipography Session bandwidth Optimizer


The basic idea is simple. A simple voice call has a lot of redundant and un-necessary data overhead which are not required for good quality VOIP call. Voipograpy SBO performs a careful examination of voice and data packet in the network and strips out anything that is not essential and thus keeps only the necessary packets required to deliver good performance. it also changes the priority of voice packets over all other kinds of data packets in the network to ensure better performance.

  • Improved Performance

Intelligent QoS mechanism and enhanced bandwidth utilization deliver improved ASR, ACD and PDD.

  • Self-managed

Our SBO comes with an easy-to-use customer web portal which enables the users to manage their service with ease.

  • Enhanced Security

Enhanced security measures have been implemented in every single module to ensure maximum customer security.

  • No Blockage

Integrated anti-blockage mechanism can pass through any voice blockage and firewalls.

  • Optimize Bandwidth upto 80%

Optimize bandwidth upto 80% for your VoIP termination business with SBO.

  • Run 5 Times More Calls

Terminate 5 times more calls with the same bandwidth with Voipography SBO.