Dialer Solutions


VICIdial dialer solution is the most popular Open-Source Contact Center Solution in the world. With over 14,000 installations in over 100 countries around the world. The agent screen is available in 16 different languages, with options to easily create your own custom translations as well. We have clients running VICIdial at call centers from 5 to 500 agents, handling over a million.


Being an opensource solution, and with our expertise of Vicidial and Asterisk development, our dedicated team can build up a customized solution for you, meeting your telco requirement.

Our vicidial now comes up with maidwhiz and with webphone, hassle free agent login and no desktop SIP client required.


Pricing : 

Cloud Dialer : $50/month
— Can handle 25-30 agents doing both inbound and outbounds and can run different campaigns at the same time.
The basic features are:
-Call Recordings.
-Lead management
-Real time reporting
-Agents/campaign reports and statistics
-Closer transfer/External Transfer / 3-way conversations
-Press1 / IVR campaign
-Voice broadcasting
-Agent Live Call monitoring